Welcome to the Practical Magic blog party!

Come on in ladies, don't be shy! It's nice to see so many of you back again and it's great to see all the new faces too. If you stopped by earlier and left your link on any of the older posts just add it here when you come back to make your rounds. I want to make sure everyone's post is added to the archives.

There's so much to see and enjoy. I peeked earlier while adding last minute guests and while making sure everything was working OK. I can't wait to see all the wonderful and creative witchy parties out there.

So why don't we get on our brooms and head into the night sky. It's a beautiful Autumn night, lavender and rosemary fills the air and somewhere in the distance I smell a batch of fresh baked brownies.

Don't forget to stop by and visit me at my blog Frosted Petunias.

Thank you to all of you for making this another magical year. I'm looking forward to another one and perhaps another after that!

Bubble, bubble....

Gulp!! It's 2 days before the party! You can still sign up HERE if you can get a post together.

Are you cool and calm with your post ready to go? Or are you running around the house like a mad witch rummaging through your cupboards for bottles and bell jars, trying to remember where you last saw your broom? I would be the later.

I get an early start then halfway through I'll set it aside to start something else, and when it's down to the wire I literally throw everything into the cauldron and see what I get. But something about that process pushes me to get creative and I enjoy it far more than I care to admit.

I'm really excited to see what you have come up with. Last year there were so many amazing and creative parties and I think this year will be even more amazing.

Quick reminder again (I know), you can come back to this page on Friday evening and add your permalink in the comment section of the post I will put up.

Most people like to use the list of participants on the sidebar to make their rounds. Hopefully everyone will have their post up so you'll be able to go right to it.  However people sometimes forget they signed up or for whatever reason are not able to participate and didn't let me know. If you start early you can always give them a chance and come back again later. You can also use the comment section instead and visit the people that have posted a link, that way you'll know for sure that they have a party post up.

Also if you auto-posted because you won't be here the day of the party come back as soon as you can and add your link to the comments. I would love to be able to have everyone's link archived so anyone can go back and visit you again.

OK, that's it I think. I have the movie playing now and I'll ignore that it's nearly 100 degrees outside. Got my candles, potion bottles and even found my broom and hat. I will see you back here on Saturday!

Oh and happy Autumn and a blessed Mabon on Friday!

Counting down....

One week to go ladies! How are your party plans coming along? I hope you're having lots of fun putting it together. Have you been watching the movie or reading the book again to get inspired? Yes you can still sign up to join. Just click HERE.

I watched the movie again this week while working on my party post. I had to try very hard not to eat all my props. Same for my kitty Luna who took a liking to one particular photo prop. I also still listen to the soundtrack in my car which always brings me back to when the film first I came out. My son was around two and I will never forget how for the next year he would sing along with me to Stevie Nicks' 'Crystal' from his car seat in the back of our car. Sweet magical memories.

As we count down the final days to our party I'd like to invite you to come back again next month and join me for one last Autumn gathering.

Please click HERE for details.

I hope to see you there too.

Have a beautiful week and I'll see you very soon.

Don't forget your broom.....

Hi everyone, it's just a week and a half before the party! Our list of guests is growing and I'm still getting last minute sign ups so I think we should have a wonderful turn out. If you are here to sign up just scroll down to the previous post or click HERE and add your info in the comment section.

I know some of you are already starting to put your parties together and they look amazing! I know I need to seriously decide on what I want to do. I've had so many ideas that I finally need to choose one. I'm doing a little baking today and my kitchen smells like fresh mint so I'm definitely getting into the witchy mood.

Did you know the Practical Magic look is making a comeback? There are a few style links on the sidebar that feature Sally and Gillian's witchy style. I have always loved long skirts and I have two from a few years back that are similar to the printed one Sally wears when Gary comes over for pancakes, and also the green one she's wearing the morning the Aunts and the girls come back from the Solstice celebration.

What I really love though, are the Aunts' vintage outfits, the suits they wear when they're out walking through town with Sally and the dresses in the same scene again when they come back from the festival, are my favorites. Love all the romantic detail and embellishments and even their cute little vintage bags.

I also love the use of different shades of green in Sally's shop and also on her outfits. It's still one of my favorite colors as you can probably tell from the look of this page. I hope you're enjoying putting your party posts together. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Quick reminders: our party is a week from Saturday, on September 24. If you can, please post your party sometime on the 23rd as we have a few international participants. Please share something that relates to the Practical Magic movie or book, your personal interpretation or creative projects and stories. If you have a shop with items that relate to the PM theme (art, botanicals, candles, witchy fashion or jewelry, etc) you can mention it in your post but please do not just create a post that only advertises your shop.

When your post is up don't forget to come back here and add your permalink. This will keep an archive of all the party posts and that way anyone can come back and visit after the party. Again I realize that stuff happens and sometimes plans don't always work out. If you signed up and can't participate please just let me know as soon as you can so I can take your name off the list.

That's it for now. I hope you're enjoying perfect fall weather where you are. Autumn officially starts on Friday the 23rd so our party is sure to be magical.

It's party time again ladies......

Time to get out those old blenders and visit our favorite witches in that white frosted dream of a house. If you participated last year I hope you'll decide to join me again this year. And if you're joining for the first time the rules are super simple.

Create a post that celebrates the Practical Magic movie or book. You can have a PM themed party, create a collage, vignette or favorite scene. Showcase art, jewelry, fashion, recipes, spells, decor or tell an inspiring story. Or you can simply share why you love the movie or book (or both). Feel free to visit last year's party or see my old post for ideas and inspiration.

You might also want to visit my blog party FAQ page here.

On the right sidebar I posted a link to scans of my old Victoria Magazine issue that featured the set created for the Owens house. You will also find a list of links to other PM related articles.

I will post some of my party ideas, preparations and anything related to the Owens women and their magical house here. You can receive updates by following this blog either by email or becoming a follower the regular way.

Why a Practical Magic blog party? I have been under the Practical Magic spell ever since it came out in October 1998. I was at the theater for the first show on opening day and I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've watched the dvd the past 13 years. I read and loved the book before the film was made, but like many of you it was the house, THAT house, and the set created by production designer Robin Standefer, that got me hooked.

So if you also find yourself blissfully obsessed with all things Owens, join me again for midnight margaritas on Saturday, September 24. We can celebrate the official start of Fall with our favorite witches and look forward to the rest of the Halloween season!

The Practical Magic blog party is open to all active bloggers. To add your name to the party list please leave a comment on this post and make sure to include your email and blog address. Grab the button on the sidebar and add it to your blog. The list of participants is also on the sidebar. If you don't see your name posted within 2 days, email me and let me know. I learned from last year that some of the comments would go missing or end up in the spam folder as the list got longer. If you have any questions please visit my FAQ page or send me an email.

NOTE: If you try to leave a comment and get a message saying you are not allowed to view that page please email me instead. There seems to be a conflict with certain browsers and the comment feature.

Post your Practical Magic party on your blog by Friday evening, September 23. That way our international partiers can get started right away. I will have a post here for you to add your permalink. My actual party post will be on my blog, Frosted Petunias. Then we will spend the day (or week or more) flying around on our brooms, enjoying all the magical parties and dreamy delights and visiting witchy friends both old and new.

This party is for all you Owens fans out there, whether you have been a fan from the start or just discovered the movie for the first time. It's a celebration of sisterhood,  friendship, creativity and fabulous witchy style. So go and dust off that old blender, check on your rosemary and start slicing up those limes. Oh and don't forget your broom!


Once more round the kitchen table ladies.....