Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog party?
A blog party is a way for bloggers to link up a specific blog post with a common theme. Allowing each blogger to visit others from a central list of participants.

Do I need to have a blog to participate?
Yes, or at least a website where you can post an entry relating to the theme.

What is a permalink?
When you create your party post you need to link up the url to that specific post. Not your general blog url. That way everyone can find your post later without having to scroll through newer ones. The url to your post is the permalink.

For example: The permalink for my PM post from last year is
which would only take you to my front page and my latest post.

How do I get the permalink for my post?
To get your permalink click on the title of your post. The url shown in the url window above is your permalink for that post. Copy and paste it in your comment on my party post.

Do I need to have a blog to visit the party posts? 
No. You can enjoy the party as a guest.

What if I'm not available the day of the party?
One of the great things about a blog party is that you can create your post anytime, at your convenience. You can set your post to auto post at a specific time so it's ready on the day you're required to link up.

What if I can't visit the other blogs on party day?
Almost all blog parties archive the list of links. Although part of the fun is visiting the first few days, you can visit anytime as long as the party host keeps the links up. For instance, you can visit any of the posts from last year's PM party by clicking on the link from here or from my blog. The links will be up forever!

Do I need to provide a giveaway to participate?
No. Although many bloggers enjoy giving away a door prize it is not required unless you're specifically told to do so. It's not required for the PM party but you might find that a good number of people will be offering one.

What sort of prize should I give away?
This is completely up to you. Many artists choose to create something and many give away ready made prizes or both. They will usually relate somehow to the party theme. A winner(s) is typically selected randomly from the list of comments left by guests.

How much should I spend on a giveaway?
Again this is completely up to you. Give from your heart and do what makes you happy. My feeling is if you're going to give then just give. Regardless of whether you might recieve anything in return or how many people come to visit you. And placing requirements on a giveaway (such as asking someone to follow your blog) tends to make me cringe. But that's just my opinion and to each her own.

Can I just link up my store to the party?  

NO NO NO. The whole point to the PM party is to enjoy meeting other Practical Magic fans. We want to see how you personally celebrate the story and the movie. If you have a shop people can find the link if they want to.

What if I sign up and can't join the party after all?
Things happen, life happens. If you end up not being able to create a post let me know and I'll take your name off the list. The others will appreciate not having to search your blog for your party post.

Are you affiliated with the Practical Magic movie?
No. I am just a huge fan :)